Using Link

We’re happy to announce that we are now a hybrid market offering two options for using SNAP benefits! Pre order from the Andersonville Farmers Market  online market through WhatsGood, swipe your card at the market booth, and use Link tokens to pay vendors and collect your pre ordered purchases. Pickup is every Wednesday during regular market hours (3-7PM) at our (new!) market site at Catalpa between Clark and Ashland. You can also purchase directly from our vendors every Wednesday using Link tokens, which are purchased at the market booth with your Link Card. You must stop at the market booth first to purchase tokens to use for pre orders or to shop at the market. 

Here’s how to place and pay for pre orders using EBT benefits:

  1. Create an account on WhatsGood by downloading the WhatsGood app or creating an account at
  2. Email us at with the first name, last name, zip code and email associated with your WhatsGood account and let us know that you are a SNAP/EBT customer. You must email us this information to be able to use your SNAP benefits for the online market. We will notify WhatsGood to label your account as SNAP eligible.
  3. Log into WhatsGood and find the Andersonville Farmers Market! The online market is open from 8am Thursday-11pm Monday. Click ‘Start Shopping from this Market’ (You can browse products anytime but can’t purchase outside the store hours).
  4. Add your desired items to your cart and at check out click ‘Pay Later with SNAP’. Note: you must only select ‘Pay Later with SNAP’ at checkout for SNAP eligible products. You must add a credit card or debit card number to your payment methods to pay for non-SNAP eligible items via a separate transaction.
  5. Stop at the market booth to swipe your Link card to purchase Link tokens. Please do this before picking up your items. Use these tokens to pay vendors for your pre ordered purchases.

Here’s how to use EBT benefits to purchase directly from vendors at the market:

  1. Come to the market booth and and present your Link card.
  2. We will swipe your card in exchange for Link tokens. Tokens come in $1 increments and may be used for any Link approved purchases at the market.
  3. Use these tokens to purchase directly from our vendors.

We’re happy to announce that our 2020 Link Up matching program is now active! This program allows Link cardholders to receive up to $25/week in Universal Currency, which can be used to purchase fresh produce at ALL participating farmers markets in the state of Illinois. Our Link Up matching program will continue as long as funds are available.
Please be aware that Universal Currency may only be used to purchase fresh produce. Currency expires December 31, 2020.

We apologize that we were unable to accept Link for our opening market. There are currently limited options (Amazon and Wal-Mart) approved for online SNAP use in Illinois. The Andersonville Farmers Market has accepted SNAP since 2010, and is proud to be part of the Link Up Illinois matching program, increasing the buying power of customers using Link to purchase fresh, local food.