Using Link at the Market


You can use your SNAP benefits to buy from vendors at the market! You must stop at the market booth first to purchase tokens to use at the market. 

  1. Stop at the market booth to swipe your Link card to purchase Link tokens.
  2. Use your tokens to purchase Link approved items from any of our vendors.
  3. Tokens don’t expire, so if you don’t spend them all be sure to bring them back the next time you shop the market!
    Market vendors may only accept Link tokens purchased from the AFM.

Our Link Up matching program is continuing with unlimited matching of your SNAP/Link benefits! Every time you visit the market booth and swipe your card we’ll match dollar for dollar with Link Match vouchers, good for purchasing fresh produce. P-EBT benefits can be used at the market too, and are also eligible for matching funds!

We’re proud to be part of the LinkUp IL program which allows Link cardholders to receive Link Match vouchers to use for fresh produce at ALL participating farmers markets in the state of Illinois. Link Match vouchers may only be used for fresh fruits and vegetables. Matching program will continue as long as funds are available. Currency may only be used to purchase fresh produce. Currency expires December 31, 2023.

The Andersonville Farmers Market has accepted SNAP since 2010, and is proud to be part of the Link Up Illinois matching program, increasing the buying power of customers using Link to purchase fresh, local food.