Pre Orders Open
September 24

12PM (noon)

Pre ordering through the WhatsGood app or online opens at 12PM (noon) on Thursdays

Our matching program through LinkUp Illinois has started! EBT can now be used in our online market! Click here for details.

Pickup on September 30


Shop in person!

Wednesdays 3-7PM
June 10-October 21

3-3:30 entry reserved for over 60/at risk

As of July 1 we are becoming a hybrid market, so you can either preorder or shop in person! This year’s onsite pickup/purchase location is on Catalpa Avenue between Clark Street and Ashland Avenue.
Entrance is at the northwest corner of Catalpa and Clark. 

COVID Update

Updated June 27, 2020

The Andersonville Farmers Market is now a hybrid market! We encourage pre ordering from our online marketplace in partnership with WhatsGood but shoppers can also purchase directly from vendors every Wednesday from 3-7pm. Please be aware that entry to the market between 3-3:30PM is reserved for those who are over 60 or at increased risk for Covid-19.

Pre ordering means you’ll get what you want and be able to choose a time slot to pick up, cutting down your wait time to enter the market!  The online market opens every Thursday at noon, with on site order pickup from 3-7PM the following Wednesday. If you’re at risk and/or over 60 you can come to the market between 3-3:30PM to pick up your orders and/or shop (no time slot reservation is needed before 3:30PM for at risk population).

If shopping on site we encourage you to make a shopping list in advance, and to use credit/debit cards or Venmo to pay vendors. This helps everyone move more quickly through the market and gives more market patrons the chance to shop. Vendors will also be accepting Link tokens for on site purchases.

We’re grateful to have the opportunity to relocate to Catalpa Ave. this season from Berwyn Ave. The wider footprint on Catalpa allows us the additional space to safely observe social distancing guidelines to protect our customers, vendors, and staff.

Market Location and Hours

This year’s market is located on Catalpa Avenue between Clark Street and Ashland Avenue. Entrance is at the northwest corner of Catalpa. The market is open for onsite pickup and shopping every Wednesday from June 10 to October 21 between 3-7PM. The beginning of the market from 3-3:30PM is reserved for customers who are over 60 and/or at-risk.

All Covid 19 protocols will remain in place for the hybrid market.

Market Rules

  1. You must be symptom-free. Stay home if you’re not feeling well and ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your order.
  2. All customers must wear a mask and sanitize hands at sanitation station prior to entry.
  3. Plan to wait in line to enter.
  4. When picking up a pre order please come within your assigned pickup window.
  5. Customers shopping at the market may not handle product.
  6. When purchasing at the market we encourage the use of credit or debit cards or Venmo.
  7. Maintain six-foot distancing while waiting in line and in the market
  8. One person should do order pick up/shop if at all possible – this allows more shoppers access to the market.
  9. No pets allowed; please leave your furry friends at home.
  10. 3-3:30PM pickup window is reserved for customers over 60/at-risk population.

Pre Ordering

Download the WhatsGood app or sign up for an online account. Whatsgood will email you the day before the market and have you choose your 15 minute pickup time slot. Pay for all your purchases with one transaction, using your credit or debit card on WhatsGood. 

We now offer two options for pre orders – pick up from individual vendors or curbside pick up! You must order from “Andersonville Farmers Market – curbside” to secure curbside pick up. Limited time slots currently available for curbside pick up. Once you  place your order WhatsGood will email you and ask you to select a pick up time.

Click here to find out how to order with Link >>

The pre order market opens at noon every Thursday! You can purchase from as many vendors as you want within your order. The AFM virtual market closes Monday at 11PM. 

Note: There is a 5% service fee per order that goes directly to WhatsGood. There is also a small ($1) vendor pick up fee per order that goes directly to the AFM to cover increased admin costs. Curbside pick up fee is $5.99. Any orders not claimed by the 7PM market close will be donated.

Pre Order Pick Up (from vendor)

Please stay home if you are not feeling well, or have any symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, fever). Ask a friend to pick up your order if you’re unwell. A mask is required to enter the market.

Print out your order (or pull up on your phone) to make sure you remember to pick up all your purchases!

When picking up your pre order please come during your assigned time slot. Any orders not picked up by 7PM will be donated.

How do I pick up my pre order (vendor pick up option)?

Visit each vendor you ordered from and give them your name. They’ll place your order at the end of their table for a contact-free pickup. This map shows vendor location, you can also print or download this key to know which vendors are where.

site map

Please maintain 6 feet between yourself and others when waiting to enter and within the market.

Pre Order Pick Up (curbside)

Walk, bike, or drive up outside the market on Catalpa (at Ashland) during your designated time slot to pick up your curbside pre order. You do not need to enter the market for curbside pick up. Any orders not collected by 6:00PM will be donated.

Is there somewhere I can pick up my pre order after 7PM?

Unfortunately, we are unable to hold orders past 7PM. Any unclaimed food will be donated.

Order from WhatsGood

Online Ordering opens at noon on Thursdays
Pick up Orders 3-7PM on Wednesdays
Shop the market 3-7PM on Wednesdays

Catalpa Avenue between Clark Street and Ashland Avenue


Bennison’s Bakery
bread, baked goods

Breadman Baking Co.
focaccia, bread, cookies

Downstate Donuts LLC
potato donuts

First Slice Pie Cafe
pie and pesto

Gray Farms
organic produce

Green Fire Farm
grass-fed beef, lamb, pork; pasture-raised poultry, eggs

Hardin Farm/Holle Orchads
fruit/vegetables, plant starts, cider

Hillside Orchards
fruit, chestnuts, preserves

Karl’s Craft Soup
seasonal soup

Katherine Anne Confections
artisanal chocolates, caramels, marshmallows

Letizia’s Natural Bakery (Sorano, inc)
baked goods, fresh pastas

Lost Larson
bread, baked goods, flour

Pecking Order
Filipino street food to be cooked/eaten at home

Phoenix Bean
tofu products, mung bean sprouts, soy milk

Piscasaw Gardens (formerly Twin Garden Farm)
veggies, Mirai sweet corn, flowers

River Valley Ranch
organic mushrooms and other veggies; jarred and prepared foods

Sausage Konig
sausages and prepared foods to be cooked/eaten at home

arancini (stuffed rice balls) to be reheated/eaten at home
Rotating, New!

Stamper Cheese 

Twidley Bits
Jams, fruit butters, pickled items, vegan cheeses
Rotating, New!

Wild Coyote Farm
organic produce


A huge thank you to our sponsors, we greatly appreciate their support! Please contact Joan Oberndorf at if your business is interested in becoming a market sponsor.